A troubled young girl copes with her mother's drowning death by preparing to become a mermaid in this sparkly modern twist on the classic Little Mermaid tale that explores love, loss, and second chances.


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Foam on the Crest of Waves is featured in the March/ April issue of Beachcombing Magazine!

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"Prepare for a wonderful journey."


sea glass jewelry maker, New Jersey

"A  young girl and her family are reeling in the wake of a tragedy. Tragic at times yet joyful, a true glimpse into the mind of an unusual character who will make you yearn for a life under the sea, or at least on the coast. Written from several perspectives, this tale will draw you in as though you were a member of its cast.

A reminder that our differences are what make us unique. A showcase of why family should be cherished. This is a great read for teens and adults alike!"

Reah, Amazon reviewer

"What a delight!  I couldn't put it down."Pamela, California

Listen to the prologue, read by Sarah Pavelec

"A must read! It's phenomenal,

I love it."Natalie, Maine

"Stayed up till 3 am to finish reading... loved it!!!"Paulette

sea glass hunter, Oregon

"An imaginative, brilliantly told story. Full of vivid imagery and complex characters, plus a good dose of mystery."Dayna

proofreader, Canada

Seven years ago, a mysterious boating incident shattered the lives of the Macklintock family. For sole survivor Abalone, her father, Jeremy, and her aunt Gina, the hurt of loss still lingers on. And so does the need to cope with their own parts in the tragedy. But when the sea returns a long-lost bracelet, secrets start emerging from the deep, and the Macklintocks have to face their past.


A charming children's novel about a little girl who faces the scary prospect of staying awake forever.


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"I'm absolutely in love with this book. I will champion it to the end of the world. Because it is just so good!!!"


book blogger

"An astonishing story that shines with a glowing honesty."

Sarah Scheele

for Readers'Favorite

"I thoroughly love this storybook and believe adults, as well as children, will be reading this one for years to come."

Lori, book blogger and former library supervisor, USA

"This is one of the books that will make you feel relaxed and deeply satisfied within after reading it. I felt lighter and was glowing all day."

Ivana, DiaryofDifference.com

"Five stars for this delightful children’s book that anyone, regardless of age, will enjoy. Vivid imagination inside a fun and insightful story."

Jill, editor and book reviewer, Pennsylvania, USA


A sweeping middle-grade novel about an adventurous girl, a three-legged dog and a hummingbird mystery with a sprinkle of fantasy, set in beautiful Victoria, Canada.


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Yeah! Trina Bell's book cover won a design award!

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"This is one of the most enjoyable books I have read in a long time! It is both magical and real at the same time."


children's librarian, USA

"Trina Bell's Humming Summer is a fabulous, original story."

Suze Lavender