"Absolutely gorgeous! 'The Sea Glass Sisterhood' is beautifully designed and written, a unique collaboration of whimsical imagery and enchanting poetry, inviting us into the realm of a sisterhood that shares the joys of exploring the seashore and its treasures. A must-have for any lover of art, poetry, and the sea."

Carole Mackie, professor of English, California


"I really enjoyed reading this book. I learned things from Stein's observations that changed how I look at the ordinary and see the extraordinary."

-Rev Dr Kathy Allen, Kentucky


"Like an afternoon at the beach with a good friend."

-Jill Corley, retired editor, Pennsylvania


as e-book, audiobook, and paperback

"Five Stars! Have you ever wandered a trail and around each curve found something new, interesting or beautiful? That was this book. The characters (even the minor ones) were well crafted and breathing human beings. Each twist of the story kept me bound and mesmerized."

―Jennie Rosenblum, jenniereads.wordpress.com

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