"Harriet The Spy meets Doctor Dolittle."


Shooting ghost bears? Twelve-year-old Trina Bell has finally had enough. Why should she spend another dull summer watching Great-Aunt Roswinda play lawn bowling, while her father has all the fun? This year, she won’t let him get away with the usual excuses. To her surprise, she succeeds. Her dad, the famous wildlife photographer, agrees to take her to the Canadian rainforest, on a quest for the elusive Kermode bear.

Trina’s triumph is short-lived, however; soon she finds herself in a city on Vancouver Island, dumped in a strange apartment building that may not be what it seems.

But when she befriends Moss, the three-legged dog living across the street, and becomes involved in a mysterious case of vanishing hummingbirds, events take an astonishing turn...


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Trina Bell's Humming Summer


"Trina Bell's Humming Summer by Silke Stein is an amazing coming of age story. The characters are realistic and Trina's pain over her father's "neglect" and her unusual ability allowed her to quickly find a place in my heart. The imagery that Silke Stein uses is amazing and when the whale watching scene was described, I felt like I was in the boat with Trina and her father. The plot is VERY unique and quickly drew me in. I had a hard time putting it down."
April Gilly

Readers' Favorite

"I loved it. A wonderful story, with educational information. I highly recommend it even if you aren't a hummingbird enthusiast."
Sandra Greganti

Inventor of the Hummer Fun Buttons TM
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"This is one of the most enjoyable books I have read in a long time! It is both magical and real at the same time."


Children's librarian, USA

"A delightful story of a girl, a dog, and many, many hummingbirds, in something of a wild-life lovers' tour of Victoria BC . . . the tale is richly told and the imagery is superb."

Jemima Pett

Author of The Princelings of the East, UK


Can facing the past transform the present?


In a small fishing town on the Mendocino coast, the tides of time have washed over rumours and suspicions, yet the members of a maimed family still struggle to cope with their memories.

A broken woman, refusing to let go of her vanished husband.
Her widowed brother, clinging to the shatters of the life he loved.
His delusional daughter, planning to turn mermaid on her fifteenth birthday.

But when a young man realizes he made a mistake, secrets start emerging from the deep. Will they bring further grief, or possibly redemption?


what readers say

"Five Stars! Have you ever wandered a trail and around each curve found something new, interesting or beautiful? That was this book. The characters (even the minor ones) were well crafted and breathing human beings. Each twist of the story kept me bound and mesmerized."

Jennie Rosenblum


"Five Stars! I would definitely recommend this story, and any others by Silke Stein after also having read Sleep, Merel, Sleep! I can’t wait to see what she writes next…"

Steph Warren


"This book is stunning in imagery, character, and revelation. The beautiful details of scenery and emotion absorbed my full attention. This is the first book in a while where I felt very nearly involved in the story myself."

Christine Dullnig

Goodreads reviewer



Who wants to be awake forever?


Life has changed for eight-year-old Merel. Since the birth of her sick baby brother, her parents seem to have forgotten she exists. But when she finds a tiny silver violin in her bedroom rug, things take a turn for the worse. Merel learns that her sleep has abandoned her and that she must embark on a perilous journey to recover it or stay awake forever.

Together with her devoted toy sheep Roger, tired Merel sets out in search of Lullaby Grove. Before long, she finds herself haunted by a scary stranger.

Follow Merel into a surreal world. Meet a sleepy king with an obsession for feathers and a transparent old man on a night train going nowhere. Discover why the moonfish cry, why you should never walk across the Great Yawns ― and if poor Merel can escape her pursuer, win back her sleep, and realize what matters most in her life.


what readers say

"Such a good story! And a lot of clever lessons and details hidden throughout."


proof reader, Canada

"I loved it! I connected with this book in a special way because I have been chasing sleep my entire life and the take on making Merel's Sleep tangible was absolutely brilliant! The story has this amazing Alice in Wonderland/Labyrinth type of imagination that makes it so different from most other books.  It's like stepping into another world."


beta reader, Minneapolis, USA

"I liked the story a lot!"


beta reader, 9 years old, France

"The story begins with an interesting hook - Merel's Sleep. The characters feel real, including Hulda, the clock! I think the descriptions are beautiful and don't hinder the flow of the story. I truly did enjoy reading Sleep, Merel, Sleep."


beta reader, USA

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