I'm a graphic designer and writer, currently living in Victoria, British Columbia, the wondrous place that has inspired my first novel, the middle-grade read Trina Bell's Humming Summer. Like my protagonist Trina, I enjoy roaming the city's parks and listening to the squeal of tiny sparkling birds. Yes, I speak to them and they answer but unfortunately, unlike Trina, I don't have a three-legged dog who translates for me.

Having lived landlocked in Germany for most of my life, I fell in love with the Pacific Ocean when I came to Canada. Combing beaches has become my favourite pastime, particularly looking for mermaids' tears. I cannot resist picking up those shiny colourful pieces of sea glass and adding them to my ever-growing collection.

A small selection of the 'surf gems' I found on the shores of Victoria.


And when I'm not at the beach, or writing, I design book covers for fellow authors

(if you are in need of one, please send me a message through the contact form).